Dealing with Distressed Development Properties?

Banks need options in dealing with distressed construction and development properties and further have a right to work through and sell their distressed assets themselves. Conexxus empowers banks to understand what they have and make educated decisions. The award-winning REO Optimizer solution helps banks obtain, share, monitor and organize the critical documentation related to their distressed assets.

Click here for product sheet.With REO Optimizer, critical property information, not typically on file with the bank, can be obtained and made easily available via the web for banks and their specified buyers. This ultimately helps increase returns while eliminating the daily interruption and administrative burden required in managing such distressed assets, allowing more expedient top-dollar negotiations and asset liquidation.

With Conexxus, Bank of North Georgia, a Synovus bank, has sold several hundred $$ million in distressed properties, earning industry recognition as a 2009 Innovator by Bank Technology News (BTN).  REO Optimizer is great for banks, brokers, dealers, auctioneers or anyone dealing with construction and development assets. Let's discuss how we can help your bank.  Contact us today.

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