Founded in 2006, Conexxus was the brainchild of Jeff Reibel. As a young professional working as the principal accounting officer at Sypris Solutions, Inc., Jeff noticed that in our increasingly stringent regulatory climate, his employees were spending increasing amounts of time preparing for audits instead of doing their actual day-to-day jobs. He knew there must be a more efficient and profitable way for companies to do business. Thus, the Conexxus vision.

With his idea developed, Jeff enlisted the help of two former coworkers, John Reinhart and Jeffrey Amrein who had recently developed electronic records software to streamline medical records management at physician offices. Soon after that, Jeff was able to obtain the necessary funding from public and private investors to get his company off the ground, and it’s been growing ever since. In fact, it was recently a Technology Network top-ten nominee and was featured on And now, with an already remarkable history behind it, the future of Conexxus is brighter than ever.