Managing Regulatory Compliance

Conexxus is a proven tool for the energy industry for helping companies to streamline their internal finance and accounting processes while ensuring greater compliance with industry and federal regulations.

One publically traded company with over $75 Million in market capitalization, Delta Natural Gas Company (NASDAQ: DGAS), is required to evaluate and report the effectiveness of their internal controls in accordance with Sarbanes Oxley Act.  Delta Gas implmented Conexxus software to automate the compliance process and to manage the financial close.  Download Delta's full story.

Delta Natural Gas Company

“During previous year-ends, I was always buried under a stack of workpapers, reconciliations, etc. We are currently in the middle of closing, and I am reviewing our 250+ GL account recs through Conexxus. See picture of my desk.

Matthew Wesolosky, CPA
Manager - Accounting & IT
Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc.