Conexxus Gathers Property Documents

With more than 15 years experience in gathering property documents and permits, Conexxus is well-versed in obtaining the information you need in order to evaluate the true value of your properties.

Simply supply us with a few minor details (builder/developer, subdivision, and location) and we’ll get started on obtaining appropriate documents and permits, including those from HOA, DOT, USACE, and EPD, such as Easements, Soil Reports, House Location Plan, Residential Drainage Plan and many more.

Significantly reduce the time needed to gather property documents by utilizing our experienced service team. Once you have the data, you can determine the real value of your properties. Then, most importantly, decide the next step for the property, to auction, sell through broker, or sell yourself.

Click here for more on BNG.Conexxus pulls permits for residential and commercial development projects. Document types we obtain include LDP, development and building permits, Certificate of Occupancy, final plats and more.

Find out the true value of your properties, contact us today.