Thousands of Buyers Strong

To further support bank clients’ efforts to eliminate distressed development properties, we have launched the Conexxus Buyer Group.  (Read the full press release here.)  Buyers benefit as well by having easily searchable access to complete property data, enabling them to select by their own criteria and purchase with reduced risk.

By providing banks with qualified buyers, our goal is to reduce the number of non-performing assets and help lead the economy to recovery.

Through our relationships with investors, ranging from Wall Street hedge funds to individual local buyers looking to buy development properties, we provide a means for banks to grant direct access to their portfolios to qualified buyers.

The Conexxus Buyer Group enables select buyers to search bank clients’ databases and view properties, key data and related files with no service charge. Not only does this program provide a more efficient buy-sale process, but also ensures that prospective buyers are qualified and able to purchase the distressed property.

Interested in becoming part of the Conexxus Buyer Group?  Click here to request access.