Tackle Non-Performing Assets and Control Compliance

Dealing with Increasing Non-Performing Assets

Conexxus solutions bring an added element of transparency to the banking industry.  With the increase of construction and development loans moving to non-accrual status, many banks need assistance in reducing risk and increasing returns.  Conexxus offers both by gathering appropriate property data and making the data available to each bank's approved buyers and if requested, to the Conexxus Buyer Group, via secure online database - Conexxus REO Optimizer.

Working to Control Compliance

When dealing with bank compliance, Conexxus enables everyone involved in compliance processes to see, in real-time, the progress and status of projects. From BSA/AML to SOX, Conexxus offers an added element of peace of mind, in the ever-changing world of regulation compliance. With optional integration to your CORE system, Conexxus gathers, stores and shares documents in any file format, auto-connecting documents to necessary controls, thereby increasing productivity and reducing manual efforts from day one.